20150516 + Mad Max Fury Road

20150516 + Up in the am and DG&I to the pool to help do some chore before opening weekend: G scrubbed chairs, D painted picnic tables and I hung blinds in the office. Then the 3 of us went to meet L&J at J playing in the championship soccer game for his age division. It sputtered rain off an on during the game and they lost, but got 2nd place for their age group :-) J said "I didn't even know it was the championship"... Home and relaxing before G's game the boys and I watched 'The Road Warrior' in the basement. The rain continued and G's games were cancelled, so we texted some friends and met them at the theater to see the new Mad Max Fury Road. What an awesome movie! Action from beginning to end. We headed to Panda Express for dinner. Home and watch some Transformers 2 on TV. A pretty good D for J's 12th bday!