20150515 - J's 12

20150515 - Up and ready to go, but not into work today. L got home from work and we walked back to the school to have lunch with J at his 5th grade picnic. G ran over and said hi to us. After we ate I went over and watched the kids play soccer and got hit in the gut with a stray ball :-) In for the play and it was a cute little musical and J was a knigh. Both Gma&paB&W were there. We all walked home and then GmaW&B&paW went to a local shop while GpaB&I went to the Scout shop. Home and got things ready for J's bday party. 

Soon a bunch of his buddies were here and they played in the backyard, had pizza and hung out and watch J open his present; lots of gift certificates to the magic shop and an iPhone! Some had to go because they had sports the next morning, but a handful stayed and were up nearly all night watching movies and hanging out in the basement. A nice little party for J.