20141126 - Set them 'Free'

20141126 - UP in the am and getting things ready to roll.  L drove all of us up to the Farm.  We got there in good time and I set up to get some work done.  I got a ton of email done while D helped GpaW with some chores and the little boys played and hung out.  Roger and Mary soon showed up with a car full of pheasants.  We suited up and went out to help 'seed' the fields for the hunt tomorrow. D has it down pat, J is really good at it and doing it all on his own this year, G is still a bit frighted and just watches.  Mary dd it for the first time, and GmaW came out to watch for the first time.  We let 20 of the out.  Back in from the cold and we had a Chinese feast.  Up watching a movie and then to bed in pretty good time.