20141109 ++ Blue Hair

20141109 ++ Up in the morning and the whole fam to church.  It was a good message and a good to see a lot of folks.  We got out of there and headed home.  I finished up some mortgage paperwork as L drove us to Polaris where we met Gma&paW for lunch.  We had a nice lunch and transferred ownership of the boys to them for the next 24 or so hours.  We headed home and swung by the theater to see 'St. Vincent'.  It was an odd movie, and evidently the hand out for old people after church..  We headed home and relaxed a bit, getting things done that 3 fighting children often prevent you from having the time to do...  In the evening we headed to church for a parent meeting to see what the youth group was up to and it was a very good meeting.  We went to Panera for dinner and then home in time for the guys to come over and watch The Walking Dead.  Then to bed ready for another crazy week.