20141110 - Ranting Security

20141110 - Up in the am to a quite morning, the boys are at the farm and the house has an overwhelming silence.  Drove in to work, no D to drop off at school.  Got to work and had non-stop meetings and tasks preparing for the customer visit in a couple of days.  I did get some surprise ranting texts in the middle of the day from D.  Apparently pieces of glass are falling off his iphone screen from yet another broken screen; believe this is his 4th screen...  He wants a better phone and better case...  I reminded him I have an old iPhone 4s that has the original screen on it no matter what kind of case it has had around it... Was a work a bit late and had to drive home in the dark.  I HATE THIS ending the day with it dark outside...  Home and had some food with L and soon the troops showed up with spoiled grins and arm loads of stuff they don't need from Gma&paW...  D&J ate quick and got changed for Scouts and we headed out.  We had good Scout meetings and headed home.  Boys to bed and I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a night of ranting and venting that helped us all.  Home and at the computer from 11 to 5am.