20141111 - Letters Vets & Songs

20141111 - headed to bed at 5am after sending out my annual 'Happy November 11th!' emails. This year there were 44. It is a very emotional night for me every year and this year was no exception.  I got a couple hours of sleep before running D to school with a stop at the post office to ship some sales. Home and walked J&G to school. Home for a cup of coffee as L left for work. I got a little more rest then ready for the rest of the day. My computer is now displaying the message "Hard disk failure imminent", NICE!  Started backup procedures...  Gma&paB showed up and Nicole and Lena for lunch, L joined us. Then we headed back to the school for a Veteran's Day assembly where J introduced himself G and GpaB. All home and hung out until little boys for home. Then D arrived. L gave Lilly a bath while the boys did homework. We had a nice dinner and then headed back to the school for G's open house where I got to see his room and then a Turkey Day Song program. It was great. Home quick and off to a Board of Review for Scouts. Home and L&D working on a big poster for science class. I worked on the PC a bit more, still backing up the 170GB of stuff I don't want to loose. To bed in good time.  A relaxing, fulfilling day. I am glad God have me these 15 extra years!