20141127 - Thanks for a Great Day

20141127 - UP in the am and D&I out hunting with the guys.  I stepped on one and missed, thought I had the safety on, and had another fly right in front of me, pulled the trigger and nuttin....  I had an empty shell in the chamber... D thought this was hilarious.  Well with a shell in the gun te next bird to pass didn't stand a chance, BLAM got him!  D got one today too!  In all we got 6!  Back to the spring house to clean them and then up to the house to get cleaned up.

Down the Farm House for a Thanksgiving feast and to celebrate GmaW's bday.  It was a much smaller crowd this year, but the food and family were great.  Good conversations and no real melt downs by the boys.  We had a nice relaxing afternoon. playing games and talking with everyone.

We got the Farm House cleaned up and back up to the house for more food, conversation and a movie.