20141008 - Big Screen

20141108 - Up in the am and DJ&I went out running some errands, Post office, a couple of banks, stopped in to see my friend Bill at his bank.  D&J deposited $ at the next bank, I got a hair cut and then we stopped at Home Depot for some plumbing supplies and went looking for parts for the mini-fridge in the basement.  No luck on the part, plus I was informed these thermostats for the little fridges ar about $60, almost the cost of a new fridge.  We grabbed a Little Ceaser's pizza to eat on the road and stopped at a handful of places looking for mini fridges on the way home.  We found an open box fridge that was only $100 so snagged it and J rode with it in the back on the way home.  Fridge installed and we helped L get the yards ready for the party next weekend.  In and cleaned up we headed to a football party at a friend's house.  They had a very nice fire pit and a projector showing the Buckeye game vs Michigan State.  It was a close and exciting game.  We left at halftime and dropped D's girlfriend and her friend off at another girls house.  home and watched the rest of the game.  I think I fell asleep on the couch :-)