20141104 - Voting and Skipping

20141104 - Up took D to school and in to work, customer in all day. Left a few early to go vote. Home and Doc came over to take a family picture for some assignment G is doing, J got mentioned 2 times on the school announcements today, cleaning up the list and found table and sticking up for a kid on the playground :-) All to Red Robin for a nice dinner, G was skipping in the parking lot on the way to the car. To Dick's to find a baseball thing for D, they didn't have it, G threw a fit because we wouldn't buy him $60 shoes... To get gas, some dumba$ just sat in his car in front of the diesel pump... then some guy with his pants halfway down his arse used 8 different cards in front of us to get his gas. What is going on? Home I ran shipments to the post office, boys cleaned up am to bed. L&I watched The Neighbors, it was hilarious. Up late playing Titan Fall.