20131231 + HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

20131231 + Up in the am and cleaning out the office, D put donations in the car, I got the remaining 2013 WingerBLOG posts published, G played and L&J to the grocery. L&J back home and we had lunch. The D&I headed out for some errands. We dropped off our donations, got a hose to fix the faucet under the sink, looked at BIG TVs and got gas and teriyaki sauce. Home and L ran D to a buddy's house, they are goin to a lock in at the church for a New Years Eve party. When L got back JG&I jumped in the car with her and we headed out to see the 'Walter Mitty' movie. It was really cute.  We stopped by the grocery and G&I got 2 boxes of doughnuts for bfast tomorrow.  Home and TV on watching the festivities around the world and having a midnight doughnut. J didn't make it to the ball drop, we couldn't even wake him up :-)