20131230 + STUFFed

20131230 + Up in the am and GpaW had a mound of McD's there for bfast. G had somehow convinced GmaW and J that it would be a good idea to play Tripoly, his new favorite game all day. L got us all packed up and we forced the boys into the car and headed home. We got home and started to put things away. L got the house DeChristmased while I watched D&J try out their new Xbox games. L frustrated trying to figure out where to put all the new stuff in our tiny house :-( I say just time to clean out and give stuff away :-) In the evening J's Friend Donovan came over for sleep over and we had settled in to watch Oregon and Texas in the who knows what goofball named bowl, I think OhiOOddities will buy a bowl next year... Exhausted and in bed by 11.