20131214 - Pen IS Mightier than the Mouth

20131214 -Favorite Up in am and out with D&J. We got gas, McD's drove past Dave's warehouse, the Auction place and on to work to drop off some door alarms and show D&J around the place. I think they thought it was pretty cool. We swung by and got a tour of the Grove City YMCA, and then took our time getting home stopping at a thrift store and Menard's. Home for some paperwork catch up and homework. L&G riding on the Polar Express. J&I made his den flag and fixed a light on the white car. Down to the basement for some Call of Duty. Back out and to the Gahanna YMCA, the video store, lotto tickets and then Hometown Buffet for an all we could eat feast. We headed over to Easton to look around and stumbled into a Tesla car showroom, very cool. Home and watched the new Wolverine.

L&G home I picked G up he was squirming around and then started screaming... the pen I have in my hat poked him in the face, more specifically the mouth and popped his loose tooth right out of his mouth :-o Fully recovered with a large gap in his mouth hole we got him to bed. D&J watching Die Hard with me in the basement until late.