20131224 - HO HO WHO

20131224 - Up in the am and into work. The plant was very quiet and for me that means very productive. I was there until everyone was gone and headed home. L and the boys were at the Cole's for a noon Christmas Eve meal, way too early to possibly get to. I got home about 4:30 and L and the boys shortly after. L upset that I did not make it to the Cole's, I was upset I had to work...  We got to church to see a lady from Dr. Seuss that had a bird on her head, we sang nice Christmas songs and heard the gospel for the first time on Christmas eve in a long time.  We all had candles that we lit that made me a bit nervous with all the long straight New Albany hair in front of the boys...  Home and the boys brought their presents for each other out to the tree and then all boys to bed.  Before long we heard Santa and got to bed ourselves.