20140101 - Good Start

20140101 - Up in the am and ran to get D and his friend at the church. Home and D getting cleaned up, J&G playing with their new toys, L getting ready for the party, I update some of the blog. All ready and out to the party at L's cousins house. It was a big house and a nice crowd. L's Gma that is going to turn 92 on Jan 5 was there and in great spirits. If was a nice lunch and we watched some football and caught up with family.

Home and J went over to his buddy Conor's, DG&I hid in the basement am watched football, played with their new stuff and I updated more of the blog. Jack home and his buddy brought his LEGO Millennium Falcon over to show us, so cool. We had a nice dinner in the basement watching Michigan State beat Stanford.

My goal this year was to capture everyday in the blog as my memory is not good, and I think I came really close, only missing about 5 days. It isn't easy and even though I would capture a day I couldn't always update the blog and add pictures. As of now I have updated 2013 from 10/17 through today. It is one goal I will try to accomplish again next year... Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow: it is looking to be a very challenging year from this vantage point... So here is the start of 2014: let's give it a go!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!