20131225 + MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

20131225 + G up and into our room by 3am... D had woke up and thought the clock said 8am so got his little brothers up... we put them right back to bed... 4 hours later at 7am there was no stopping them... The presents were passed out and the boys tore them open. Many things were liked and looked at for more than a millisecond, others tossed to the wind and mixed with the torn paper. Our average has gotten better over the years, more things looked at than tossed... Soon things were being played with and we got cleaned up for the families to arrive. Doc stopped over dressed for success and smelling like he was dressed, he gave the boys some cash with is always the best. Gma&paB arrived and then Gma&paW, followed by the Coles. The house was full and L's first attempt at cooking a turkey was a juicy success. We had a nice lunch and then opened more gifts. We played the new games and hung out until kids started melting down from the excessive hours of being awake. A good Christmas Day.