20131221 + Birds, HDMI, Goodies

20131221 + Up in the am and DJG&I headed to the farm. We hit McD's on the way up, and the boys watched a movie while I drove through heavy rain. When we got close we saw a huge flock of Turkeys and a pheasant along the road. The corn was down and there was water everywhere. We go to Gma&paW's and D&I got there 50" TV boxed up to take back and we installed the 37" I won from work. It fit in the room nice and after getting it all hooked up we helped GpaW figure out the remotes. We had lunch and then headed out, stopping at Boliantz to look for a flag, no luck, and a stop at the Buckeye Bakery for a treat, peanut butter squares, I love them, YUM! A stop at Ollie's looking for a flag, again no luck, but we did find a large blow up reindeer! Heading south we ran past the Flag Lady flag store to get our 10x6 American flag. Down to work to try and put up the flag, but we could not get the old one down. Heading home with a stop at the video store and to pick up some wings for dinner. Home at last, we watched 'Turbo' and some friends stopped over bringing us some Christmas goodies. All boys to bed and L&I watched 'We're the Millers'.