20131229 - Winger Family Christmas Party

20131229 - Up and had a nice pile of bacon a spectacular salty casserole. Then GmaW&I headed to the nursing home where I checked out a guys laptop to see if I could fix it. Too slow and old to fix. Home and picked up LDJ&G, GpaW had gone ahead and picked up milk. We drove to Shelby and stopped to look at Ford Flex cars in the lot there. On to John & Mary's for the Winger Christmas party. The house was decorated very nice, except the beer bottles Tracy was leaving all over. There was good food, bingo, shrimp, which conveniently fit inside the sugar cube igloos the kids made, food, presents, conversation, videos of the past. It was a very nice, enjoyable and relaxing party. Back to the Farm after the party and GpaW got us pizza, not sure how we could have possibly eaten another things, but we did and we watched one of GmaW's new Roy Rogers movies while L gave GpaW a lesson on his new popcorn popper. Little boys to bed with GmaW and they read every book in the bedroom. We finished off the night watching the 'Hangover 3' and then 'This is the End', a couple hilarious unclean funny movies.