20120721 - Last Out :-(

20120721 - Up in the am and out with D&J. We got D's camp physical, stopped at the Scout store for merit badges, got essentials at the grocery (dog food & beer) and had lunch at a Chinese buffet. We met up with Mr. Varney at the camper place to educate us and then headed home. D&J took a break and J&I dropped L off for her concession stand duty. J&I returned one of his gifts and swung by home to pick up D&G to go to the ballfields. The boys were warming up and G was right in there. Coach was giving a speech to the boy and said he was going to move kids around and maybe even have G pitch. That excited G! A while later the coach told me that G came up and had a talk with him. G said 'Coach, I'll pitch for you if you want me to, but I'm better in the outfield' :-) That boy lives for baseball!
Well D's team won game one, but really didn't show up for game two. D was a nit off tonight, not hitting like usual and the batting order put him up with two outs. He struck out, which was the last out for the season and it was really heavy on him :-( He played a fantastic season of ball and is a good solid player. Home with a late dinner, boys cleaned up and off to bed. Baseball is over (for now...).