20120705 + Last Call

20120705 + All up and out for the last day activities. This usually means everyone gets to pick one/their favorite thing an we do them again. So we first went for a stop at the Converse store to get G his school shoes. Then G asked if we were going putt-putt at one of the 16 putt-putt placed we have passed and he has memorized... Everyone in the car shouts at him 'NO' (mainly because it is too hot in the middle of the day and secondly because he asks every time we get in the car or drive past one...). We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch and it was really cool looking around at all the stuff, but really expensive an really marginal food :-( Back in the car and G asked if we were going putt-putt, NO! Across the street to the go-kart place (J's pick). The boys and I sped around like crazy while L watched. It started pouring down rain so we loaded up to go to the next destination and G asked if we were going putt-putt, NO! On to the the hobby shop (D's pick) and it wasn't a great store... So back in the car and G asked if we were going putt-putt, NO! So G gave up and fell asleep as we got stuck in traffic heading home for some dinner. The rain earlier dropped the temp 15 degrees, so we pulled into a Dino putt-putt and all yelled to wake G up. He was thrilled. We played 18 holes and another favorite done.

Back to base for some dinner and then to the beach for a last visit (L's pick). It was high tide and really strong currents. We all played and ran and jumped and had a good time.

One last stop at one of those beach stores with all sorts of crap (D's pick since the hobby shop stunk). Everyone got something... Back home to check out the loot and get some ice cream. L was packing up and put me in charge of ice cream. This being the last night a gave each boy about 8 scoops of ice cream and all the chocolate and caramel sauce and pecans they wanted.

L has everything packed up for an easy departure. Everyone got there favorites today a perfect day.

What was my pick? Being able to give my boys and L a trip like this, and getting to spend time with just them, no calls coming in, no emails, no interruptions. I couldn't ask for anything more.