20120728 - Grant's Day

20120728 - Grant woke me up this morning, 'Dad get up! It's Dad and me day!'. So up and out we went. First we got bfast at McD's.

Then we headed to putt-putt, with a stop at a garage sale. We played a round of golf and G got a hole in one!

G them hit a bunch of balls in the batting cages. Another round of putt-putt and then a couple hundred more pitches and some great hits!

Now it was time for a proper lunch of corn dogs, fair fries and a jumbo lemonade at the State Fair!

After lunch we got a birds eye view of the Horseshoe, Huntington Park and downtown Columbus from a helicopter!

We landed, looked at some horses and cows, saw a knight, and had some icecream.

Amazingly we ran into another Winger clan! John, Betty, John III, Tracey, Sierra, Eden, and from Germany, Jessica, Sam and Max! We checked out the rides, but settled on taking the skylift back to the front and getting a funnel cake for the road.

Next stop was Huntington Park that we flew over earlier for a Clippers game. We sat right behind the home dugout. G got a ball from the teams practice, some nachos and a new hat. He did some pitching and did pretty good.

We sat by some nice folks that let him ring their cow bell and the Clippers won! Grant loved it!

G claimed the nachos were just a snack so on the way home we stopped at Arby's for dinner. Home about 11pm to tell L all about the day, eat dinner and watch some of the Olympics.

What a great day with my littlest man!