20120703 + Burn Slash Crash Splash

20120703 + All up and out on the first bus to the beach. We got a good spot and the tide was low so we played and played. The boys built castles, caught fish and sand fleas. We missed the 1:30 bus so we had to stay until 2:30, just a little too long for me, I got fried!

Back to the room for a quick snack and then out to Medieval Times. The boys loved it, J ate an entire half of a chicken and G was on the edge of his seat the whole time!

After the show we went to an outlet mall and got shoes for D&J. Home and found a guy laying along side the road who just got hit by a car. We positioned our headlights on him, called 911 and directed traffic until help arrived.

Back to the apartment and into our suits for a midnight swim.