20120706 - Lotsa Fun

20120706 - Up early and out to the pool for our last swim at the resort.

Back to the room, loaded up the car and on the road. The first stop was the world's smallest church. When we got there a guy was mowing. I asked him some questions and he told me it was his dad that built it in 1972. His dad wasn't sure it was with the effort until one morning he stopped in to check on it and found a bottle of liquor with a note under it; 'I came here to kill myself but found the Lord instead'. From that day on his family has taken care of the little building. Here is Bruce Young posing with the fam.

Back on the road and the boys watched a movie until we got to the world's largest strawberry. Then down the road a bit to the world's largest chest of drawers and just a few miles more to the world's largest coffee pot.

And then to the boys favorite stop. The world's largest milkshake for a yummy treat.

Just a short hop to Pilot Mountain where we hiked to the top. For great panoramic shot go here-> http://360.io/FcaXjJ

We drove through 'Mayberry' on the way to the hotel. We checked in and then on the way to dinner we found a car show and the world's largest pencil.

One last stop before dinner... The world's smallest church VA style.  (on our travels the smallest 'World's Smallest Church' we have found was on our vacation in 2011 in Michigan)

We finally got dinner at a Chinese place we found a couple years ago and then back to the hotel for a evening swim.

After the swim we got our traditional hot chocolate.

Almost home, but not quite ready for vacation to be over.