20120704 - Shade Smoke & Boom

20120704 - All up and J&I headed out to find a geocache. J found a lizard but no cache :-( Back and picked up the rest of the gang and to the Myrtle Beach State Park to meet up with everyone in the tri-county area... It was PACKED! We found a spot and settled in. The boys dug a huge hole, you can see D's head off to the left of G, and L way out to the right sitting in the water. We got to see five F16 fighters fly down the beach and some old bombers. I spent a lot of time in the shade as I got BURNED yesterday... I did hit the big waves with the boys as the tide started coming in.

We got back to base around dinner time and DJ&I grilled up some grub. We ate hung out and wrestled. As it later we headed to the beach. We found a nice spot we could see the Surfside peer and the boys started getting sandy having a ball crawling in the dunes. As the sun web down the fireworks started. Not the fireworks we came to see, but all the ones people brought with them. The two guys next to us each had a huge bag full and they were amazing. As you looked up and down the beach the sky was lit up all over. Eventually the 'official' fireworks went off and were awesome out over the ocean. We could see the fireworks up at the Myrtle Beach peer too. It was amazing, we had never seen anything like it! J pointed out an another amazing sight, the full moon was bright red rising over the ocean.