20120326 + Finally Foreigners

20120326 + All up at the Farm and had a good bfast. We loaded up, said goodby to Gma&paW and headed North. Our first stop today was around Cleveland at the "Flintstone House". The boys and I loved it, L not so much...

We then kept going and stopped in Westfield NY at a little local restaurant, Calarco's that had excellent food and a jukebox that fascinated the boys.

Stop 3 was in Eden NY to your the Kazoo Factory. It was really cool and everyone got a kazoo (not my smartest decision ever...).

Finally we made it to Canada and G woke up, just as the Boarder Patrol asked if the boys had any guns... "WE GOT AIRSOFT GUNS!" in his normal soft voice... It made the office chuckle, thankfully, and we were allowed to enter.  We made it to Niagara Falls, got checked in to our 30th floor Falls overlook room (WOW!) and then headed down for a closer view. The boys really liked it and snapped many pictures.

The best part was when J set his gloves on the railing so he could use his finger to take a picture and the wind sent it into the Falls and down the abyss... Hahahaha   We then walked 87.52 miles in strong 22 degree winds to the main strip where we found a Rain Forest to have dinner in.  A shuttle ride to our hotel later and we were swimming in nice warm water. All boy to sleep without fuss :-) A good day!