20120329 + Pollen Nose

20120329 + Up and spent a bit of time w/ Gma&paB then drove home. We all have had enough of the car... Home and neighbor borrowed the black car to get mulch, we unloaded the white one. Everything brought in and L cleaning up. The boys and I went to the bike store to get my tire fixed and we took a nice walk down around Creekside.
Back to pick up the tire and a quick stop at the Gahanna Hardware to see if they had a hand pump for the well in the backyard, they did so we got it. We walked back stopping at the playground for hoops, football and playground time. G&I headed home first for G's #2 emergency... I got the bike fixed and D&J showed up for a drink, then we all went back to the playground from more fun. Home at last and G&I installed the new pump and got it working, ready for another summer of water fun. G was smelling dandelions and had pollen all over his goofy nose :-)

Then LD&G ran to get a new curling iron and J&I hit Home depot for parts, Long Johns for dinner, Gas station for lotto tickets and Blockbuster for movies and games. Home, dinner and relaxing and getting cleaned up. Gma&paB arrived for the night as GpaB is getting his knee replaced tomorrow am.