20120328 - Long Road

20120328 - Up for a fantastic bfast overlooking the falls.  Then we went shopping at an outlet mall for shoes and stuff.

One last look at the falls as we head across the boarder (without incident :-)  Back in the states and more shopping for a 'special jacket for D...  Got it done and a quick stop in NY to see a fabulous canoe sculpture (J was the only one to view it with me).

We drove and drove, passing an Indian, and fighting the wind all the way.  We stopped by a McD's where we got to walk over the highway.

More road time, all to get to the World's Largest Bronze Scottsman (again J is the only participant :-).

On the way to dinner we made sure to drive past the 'Road sign Wall & Garden' in PA.

We made it to dinner for J at the original Quakersteak and Lube so he could taste original buffalo wings and check out the motorcycles (it was motorcycle night ).  More road time and a stop for gas and hot chocolate.  More road and finally to Gma&paB's and our Lilly.  Good to be back in OHIO.