20120319 - Slow Broke Finger

20120319 - Up and at the desk for a VERY SLOW DAY... I took a walk w/J to the bridge and we raced things that we picked up along the way. J's stick won, followed close by my dandelion. J found some duck to chase too.

Home, finished the day. Had dinner with the fam and then out to throw the football with J. He caught one right on the tip if his fingers and stove or broke one :-o he had it on ice the rest of the night. I dropped D off at Scouts and ran to the Home Depot to get the supplies I didn't get last night due to the storm. I hit the gas station and traded videos and then back to Scouts to plan the rest of the year for my Wolf Den. Home, unloaded the supplies, D dropped off, checked on J&G (sleeping like logs), picked up Doc and put again for Bible Bangers. Good meeting. Home, finishing up some stuff, bed late.