20120318 - Blood & Rain

20110318 - Up in the am and to church w/ LJ&G, then Sunday school (a bit stressful...). Home and cleaning up the garage. D back from camping so ran to pick him up. We all had lunch together and heard of the camping adventures. Then back to the shop to cut some wood for doors for the Farmhouse. Everything cleaned up and G&I out to throw the football with a quick stop where he showed me the leprechaun blood on the ground from our trap, that lead up the tree and where J& he saw the little guy hiding way up there.

We all then ran D to church youth group and had intentions of finishing a couple of errands and getting dinner. That is until the tornado sirens went off... We quickly went through a drive through and then home to the basement. It was a really bad storm, but we were safe watching a dragon show.

I ran and got D and then all boys to bed. Buddy over to watch the season finale of the Walking Dead.