20120303 - Just Us

20120303 - Up in the am and D&I out to the bank, some bfast at McD's and then Home Depot. Home for a few before getting rid of the kids. We dropped of D&J at Nicole's and then headed to Newark to meet Gma&paB for lunch and hand G off. On to Buckeye lake for 'Marriage Class'...

So we get there with three other couples and the hosts and class begins. We had to all talk about all sorts of feelings... With other couples and each other... But it was really good and we got to say things that in the course of everyday life we tend not to say or acknowledge about the person we chose to spend our lives with. It was a really fun group and we enjoyed it a lot. The very last exercise we had to do was explain to our spouse thing we recognize that they do, to let us know they love us. L&I went last and the feedback we got was really cool; several people pointed out that up until then they didn't 'get us' as a couple (one nut job and one very caring, nice and pretty girl), but after hearing the things we said to each other and seeing how we interact, they 'got us'. So did I, 18years ago when I picked the perfect girl :-)

Today, I liked best, just having the day to ourselves, focused on just us.