20120327 - Finished Five in One Year

20120327 - Up in the am to this spectacular view!  The hotel restaurant we had breakfast in overlooked the falls which complimented the made to order omelets and vat of bacon nicely :-)
We pulled ourselves away from the bacon and headed to the Daredevil museum and an IMAX movie that told us the history of the area and the Falls.  After this we went to Journey to the bottom of the Falls, something I have always wanted to do but have not in previous trips.  D&J were the only ones brave enough go down with me.  It was really neat, the tunnels back behind the roaring wall of water and then the platform next to it where we could see back in behind the water.

In the car and down the road to the Chocolate and Souvenir Shop where we bought a couple of pounds of fudge and goodies for the boys and 'girlfriend'...  On down the road a bit further and we came to the 'Whirlpool' where the millions of gallons the go over the falls every minute have to make a sharp right turn.

A bit further and we found the power dam on the US side.  D said I have had enough of your dam walls :-)

Down the road more to the famous flower clock, but at 42 degrees the flowers weren't blooming just yet...

Further north and a bit chiller we came to Fort George.  It said 'Closed' but D&I went in anyway :-)  we found a drummer in full period costume that told us the history of the fort, it's connection to Ohio and to stay as long as we wanted and to stick around to be extras in the movie they would be filming later...  We walked all over, it is quite a feat of engineering considering it was built in the last 1800's and D liked the cannons and big earth walls and pointed wood walls.

Further North to Lawrenceville for lunch and then to another fort right on lake Ontario that had really cool buried rooms and tunnels.

L had to pee really bad, but DJ&I had to touch the water from lake Ontario to complete the goal of touching all five Great Lakes in one year, that we started on vacation last Summer.

Now working our way west a bit to see the locks and while waiting for a ship to enter J&I found our one and only geocache of the trip.  Then a HUGE ship pulled in.  It was really cool.  We chassed the ship to the next lock, but it would be another hour before we would see progress so we headed south towards the Falls.

Back in falls territory and time for more fun.  DJG&I did G's favorite vacation activity, putt-putt, at Dinosaur Adventure.  G was a bit scared of the dinos and especially the cave.

After golf we all went to Ripley's Believe it or Not for the tour and had a lot of fun, especially the shadow wall where we posed for fun action shots.

All vacationed out from a busy day we got a snack at a Burger King overlooking the lights of the strip at the Falls.