20110326 + Parties and Bikes

20110326 - Nice quiet relaxing morning. Then all out. L went shopping with Nic. DG&I dropped off J at a bday party then to the Apple store to get D's iTouch fixed/replaced. We then hit Staples to get a cover for the iTouch, and Best Buy to get some Wii games. Got some McD's and home to eat. D wanted me to go get J bit I told him we were just going to leave J at the party... D got quite upset... J really went to a buddy's house to play... I went and got J, then D off to a bday party. Later when all were home we had dinner and went to the garage to get our bikes ready for Spring. All boys to bed and D snuck back down to watch 'Usual Suspects'.

20110325 + UP and at the desk for a horribly fast day.  1 UAT now, 1 done and good to go!  At the desk late then got the family and headed to the Apple store to get D's iTouch fixed, but they were busy so we got an appointment for tomorrow.  To Steak and Shake for dinner and Grant LOUD and not eating again...  A stop at Target to get stuff for tomorrow bday parties.  Home and watched 'The Last Action Hero' with popcorn, but G couldn't have any until he finished his hot dog from Steak and Shake.  I took him 1.5 hours but he got it eaten and had a couple hand fulls of popcorn before bed...  Guess the ice cream lesson didn't take...  Stayed up with L to watch the buckeyes loose a great basketball game.

20110324 - Worked all day, out of the office for dinner with the fam, G not eating... Out for errands; to Jeff's to drop off golf balls, bank for a deposit, soccer uniform sale to get shorts for J, to Play It Again Sports to get a bat for D.  Stopped at a DQ on the way home to get a treat for everyone but G because he didnt eat his dinner...  I think he learned that lesson...  Home and to the basement for movies.