20110304 - Tired Loss

20110304 - Had trouble sleeping last night... Up and a hard start.  Got stuff at desk and calls in order.  I met Dave and Lee for a nice fun lunch.  Picked up G and back at the desk...  Boys home, L home, finished work.  Out to dinner at a Mexican place.  Home for a minute then off to D's basketball tournament game.  They got beat again...  D felt pretty bad, said he didn't even make any points this year.  Tough being a short 5th grader in a 5th & 6th grade league...  He did steal it a couple times and had a good game.  Home and all boys to bed.

20110303 - Up, but sore from yesterdays football game, OUCH!  At the desk all day, straight through.  We had steaks on the grill tonight, then D&I ran out to his strength training.  Home, cut up beer boxes into robot costumes for J&G, played a game with G and watched 'American Idol'.  Up late doing paperwork.