20110312 - Teamwork

20110312 - Up, cleaned out the garage for meeting tonight.  Ran stuff to the donation place.  The weather was nice so the boys played in the backyard and tried everything they could to get Grant up into the Maple tree in the backyard with no success...  The whole fam to D's basketball shooting competition, he got 3 out of 10 foul shots; they were all super close but bounced out :-s  We got KFC for dinner and home and played some games until the guys for the MasterMind Garage showed up for a meeting.

20110311 - Up at desk, fat and busy day. GmaB called the biopsy went well, now have to wait for the results.  Got the oil changed and muffler fixed on the Rodeo.  Played some basketball with the boys, had dinner, watched James Bond 'You Only Live Twice' with the boys.  All boys to bed, watched 'Wrestler' with L, then up watching the Japan Earthquake / Tsunami reports on CNN until late, really bad...

20110310 - Up gray again, another day of rain...  at desk all morning, took a break to look at a house.  G had pictures at school today, L&G to Nic's for lunch Back at the desk, boys home.  L&G home. J to his friend Meridith's for a play date.  D doing home work I played with G.  Then L&G to get J & Pizza, I took D to get some shorts and to his strength training.  Home, ate, played beyblades with J&G until everyone home again ad it was bedtime.  All boys to bed, Jeff picked me up for a meeting, we are going to buy another house...  :-o

20110309 - Up slow rain for 3 days straight....  gray and ugly...  At the desk all stinking day.  Ran out right after work tot eh aquatics committee meeting.  Home ate scraps, watched rest of James Bond with the boys, then up watching Hoarders with L.

20110308 - Super slow start.  Calls and sitting at the desk ALL day...  G taking a nap, L&J to the dentist and D home late from school.