20110321 - Rain again everywhere

20110321 - Up, coffee and watching G playing in with dinosaurs.  To the desk and a good start.  Rainy dragging day at work...  Got a lot of little things done.  Updated Blog, played baseball with boys, had dinner, took D to scouts, J went with me, did homework and drew pictures, I got rest of school year planned for Tiger Scouts.  All back home, boys to bed, got Doc, to Bible Bangers.  Bible Bangers was a bit different tonight.  I am really done doing this with this group.  It can not stay on track and I am very tired of exerting the energy to keep it together, on track, etc.  It is not enjoyable with the distractions and dynamics, and rather than asking people to leave, I feel I should finish reading my Bible on my own and use the Blog to get answers, just so I can focus on what this is all about and not managing a group.  There was one nice surprise last night Mike Woods joined us for the first time!  But over all a very odd meeting, probably my last one...  Back home with Doc, Joe & Mike and chatted until 1am.