20110317 + Sad Boys

20110317 + Up took G to Nic's.  At the desk exhausted, busy day.  D home from school very upset (tears) about things going on at school...  J home from school very upset (tears), he got in trouble for climbing the bathroom walls!!!??? :-o  The boys played some basketball.  Had a fast dinner, took D to his strength training, home and worked on J's pinewood car, I hope it is really fast this year!  Watched some TV with the fam, all boys to bed.  To bed early

20110316 - Work, went to look at a house during lunch, finished work up L and I 1/2 dinner alone.  All back to D's school for an open house and to see the science fair projects.  Home all grumpy boys to bed.  L & I watched American Idol and then I stayed up playing around on the PC.

20110315 - Cold gray day, long fast day at work.  Took D to baseball tryouts (Indians, 5th round pick (out of 11 rounds)).  Home wrestled with G, watched Glee. 
Boys to bed, watched hot tub time machine with L.  Up late on the PC.