20110319 - Jack's first Pinewood

20110319 - UP early and to the races with J and the other Tigers. LD&G tagged along and the races began.  J had for sure the coolest car, but not quite the fastest...  he didn't mind though, he had a good time!   Back home and we watched some TV and messed around with LEGOs.  Then J&I headed back to the races for the Turtle race and championship races.  One of my Tigers WON the entire Pack overall!!!
Back home and Spring cleaning time.  We sent some text messages to some friends to see if we could have a spur of the moment 'Spring S'mores Party'.  We emptied out the shed and cleaned it up as we listened to music and sang and danced.  After we were done we had a short break to play some 'Girl Name' baseball catch and then our friends starting showing up.
We had about 30 people and 2 dogs in all show up for the 'Spring S'mores Party'.  The kids ran wild and had a blast.  Everyone stayed to see the 'Super Moon', then all exhausted and off to bed.

20110318 - An incredibly busy and fast Friday!  Sat at the desk and the hours vanished with 2 UATs going on :-o   After work ran out the door with D&J to help set up for the Scouts Pinewood Derby races tomorrow.  Home and got some dinner, watched movies in the basement and built LEGO cars until all hours of the morning.