20110320 - Mounds of fun for the Knight

20110320 - UP L&D to church, JG&I stayed home, G took a nap and J & I worked on his Sandra Day O'Connor report.  Then we loaded up and went to the church to swap cars with L.  Next stop for JG&I was mcdonalds for lunch with the Raising a Modern Day Knight guys.  After lunch we loaded the Sampsons into the car with us and we all headed to the Newark Earth Mounds.  We visite 3 different sites, got ran off a golf course, but found a feather.

Then some of the knights split up and we headed to flint ridge.  we took a 1.6 mile hike and found 1 geocache.  back home, D had a good first baseball practice and L out to dinner with the girls.  The boys and I headed to Meijer, Panda Express for a nice sit down dinner, then a stop at the Grossl's and home for a movie.  Up late, watched 'Freakonomics', L home off to bed.  What a wonderful day with my boys!