080831 - 2nd Try!

080831 - Up and at em, L&D to church and J,G&I talked to Doc about his encoumter w/ Obama in Dublin, he had a blast. L home, fed us all then headed out to get groceries. G took a nap, D,J&I clnd up the garage. Later in the afternoon Jack decide he waould try to ride Howdy's old bike. We adjust the seat, got him padded up and pushed him down the hill. On his second trip down the hill HE DID IT! He kept right on going and went and went. The boy can ride a bike!
080830 - Home after the game to relieve Gma Farmer from Grant the beast. Chated w/ the neighbors a bit and then all headed out for the usual chaotic dinner at Steak & Shake, pickles flying everywhere... Home, GmaW,D,J&I to Ritas for a treat and then stopped at the playground on the way home. Grammy left and Grant cried & cried! Down to the basement for a good olf movie and then bed! L&I up late removing more walls out of the house.