080830 - Script OHIO

080830 - Up and everyone ready for a BIG day! Grant gets to stay w/ gma farmer and L,D,J & I headed to the season opener for Ohio State football! This is Jack's first game and he had a pretty good time. Howdy & I were sitting in the sun and boiling, except when we were getting food or visiting L & J, whoe were in the shade. We left shortly after the start of the 4th qtr, it was just too much for J. Now we are on the bus headed to the car, everyone reports having a good time. GO BUCKS!!
080829 - Normal work day. Finally got he house in Whitehall rented! Went to vist my buddy Dave in the hospital, he just had back surgery and was pretty doped up, but recovering ok. Stoped at the grocery on the way home. Then home to play rock band w/ the boys. Got them to bed, then ripped 1/2 of a wall out between the dinning & living rooms. Jack had a good day, emails from around the world continue to come in for his support. Thank you!