080820 - Goin 4 a spin

080820 - Morning with boys so L could go to the Dr. all was ok. Jack to Dr to get blood drawn to check how his anemia is doing. He did fine, it was grant that screamed because people were messing with his big brother... I took some time today to go shopping w/ Jeff. We hit all the thrift stores and I got 2 sport coats for$12, I like it! Then I stoped at the taylor in downtown Gahanna. He fitted the sortcoats and is going to charge me $230: Holy $H!T!!! But this guy know his stuff and threw a suit coat on me that felt like just another layer of skin. He said 'that fits u perfect', and it did, but it was $825... someday, maybe... Home and loaded the gang in the car and headed west to Madison Lake St Park for a Burger King Picnic dinner and some play. We are trying to get some last minute fun things inn before this summer ends.
080819 - Jack had a little friend over today and they played & played, howdy was 'bored'... L took the boys to the pool for most of the afternoon and Grant was sound asleep draped over her shoulder when they returned. The boys and I headed out to the west side to a TSC to look for closet door hangers (sick of the old ones always breaking, I was going to get barn door hardware: WAY TO EXPEN$IVE...). stoped at Rita's for ice cream on the way home.
080818 - Up and at desk and work PC is dead, will only run in safe mode. AARRGGHHH! Just what I needed, something else to not work... Normal long Monday... Went for coffee w/ Jeff, Doc & Dan and froze. Jeff & I got the biz organized, up till 5:30am creating and updating a general ledger.