080825 - Prepared

080825 - Up and at work. Contacted those people I know well from around the world for their prayers and support. Had one fellow tell me he would pray to his god for my son tonight. A reality check for me to realize that even thought this world is small we don't all believe the same... It was good to get the support from all over.
Children's Hospital called and we have an appointment for Tuesday at 1:45.
After work the boys and I headed outside for nerf dart gun wars and some bad-mitten. Back in for a movie and a couple songs on the Wii. Then stared baths and ran off to Tim Horton's to meet w/ the guys; only Dan and I tonight, but it was good to talk.
Home and Martha reminded me that people will want to know what is going on with Jack, so I figured I better get caught up on the blog.. :-p
080824 - L up and to church w/ D. I stayed home and cleaned up the party stuff w/ J&G as we are trying to avoid J going places w/ germs. L&D home & we headed to Deer Creek St Park, but when we got there it was just too hot and all the playgrounds were out in the blazing sun. We did walk to the base of the damn and throw rocks in. The AC in the car was not working so it was not the most pleasant ride.
we ran past Meijer on the way home and picked up a present for one of Howdy's friends and some AC coolant. Dropped Howdy off at the birthday party then home to charge the AC. Turns out the back of the car the AC works just finem and the kids were freezing all day, while Lori and I were boiling... Charged it up and think it is now fixed... Played the Wii with Jack and then went to pick D up w/ Grant tagging along. Home for baths and bed.