080823 - Bday party

080823 - Up and out preparing the yard for 'The Amazing Birthday Race'. L had created an 8 station race, like the TV show for Dylans party, clues and all. Everyone had a great time and there was lots of noise... Howdy cleaned up in the present department with a new bike and a Wii Rock band front spoiling them rotten grandparents he has :-D
080822 - Late tonight I got my list of things L wanted yet for the party and headed to Meijer. I got the piƱata, candy, and compasses she felt would make the gift bags complete. In fact I had to go way up to Westerville to get enough compasses as I bought all they had at our local store and it wasn't enough. But it was a good drive at 1am. It gave me a chance to break down and sob and plead with God to let Jack be ok. I had quite a talk with God and could actually feel him in the passengers seat listening to me blaber. I did ask for Jack to be ok, but I also asked that he help me be strong for Jack, L and D&J. The last thing they need is for me to fall apart. I agreed w/ God that I would:
A - Raise my boys to grow up and be good, respectful, productive and responsible men.
B - Teach them about God and prepare them to go to heaven.
C - Make sure they know I love and support them and they have the best lives possible.
I asked for a lot of strenght and support from Him to do these things. I know he was in the car and he did hear me because on Saturday there were feathers in my path all day long...