080815 - Only Child

080815 - Friday went by too fast. put more mud in the kitchen where the cabinets were. Took L & G out to get supplies for Dylan's party. Grant doesn't seem to miss his brothers and is enjoying being an only child. Steak & Shake for dinner then home to watch more olympics. Lori tried to help me fix the kitchen faucet, but it broke into pieces, with some help...
080814 - Another busy day. GmaW down to get the big boys and headed to the Farm. Grant was asleep and thankfully didn't see them go... L headed in to a church meeting and G&I were on our own. We ripped out some of the kitchen cabinets and went shopping. I got G some tic-tacs and he ate the whole pack on the way to the next store: oops!

080813 - Out for lunch w/ Jeff and I got to go inside the 2 houses we bought last week.

080812 - Got to bed 4.30am after finishing up the P SOW and then, shit day at work! made it through it.