080809 - World gone Mad

080809 - L&I stayed @ the farm last night. Up and off to Burts funeral. It was a very nice service and very sad. Family from all over were there and we had a dinner after the cemetary.
I really don't know how this happened. Burt was sick for like 4 days, then gone. How is this possible? Why do things happen like this? Louise... I donalt what to do or think, all I can feel is helpless.
080808 - GmaB over to stay w/ the boys. L & I to Mansfield and Burts calling hours. The number of people that showed up was unbelievable. It was very hard. Steph, Michael, Weezer and the rest Burts family were coping in the midst of the horrible shock.
L&I got some food w/ Dave & Misty and then met up with the aunts and uncles for some conversation. Pretty devistating, unexpected and scary.

080807 - In a haze. Up all night writing the P SOW to get tomorrow off for Burts funeral.

080806 - Has the world gone completely mad? While on a con call today Lori came in and told me Uncle Burton died. What is going on?

080805 - Fast day, L & I took the boys to the pool. Jack went down the big slide and is swimming great.

080804 - Bought 2 houses today w/ Jeff. Stopped by CVS to get Burt some car magazines.