080727 - Serpant

080727 - Up in the morning, got some b-fast and then on the road. First stop was the Serpant Mound. Very cool! Back on the road, stopped for some foot long hot dog and ate them at Siep Mound. It was huge! Fianlly made it home and relaxed the rest of the day.
080726 - Well we were not impressed w/ the creation museum. When they stated that dinosaurs were on the ark, and tried to explain where Cain got his wife from we realized it was a bit too odd for us. So we went outside to the petting zoo where they had a Zonkey and a Zorse... These were a donkey & a horse bred w/ a zebra... Very strange for 'Creation Museum' to be creating their own animals....
We then headed to Indian to pick up some food to eat at a state park in Ohio... The boys played a bit, then back to Indiana to see the movie 'Journey to the Center os the Earth'. Headed back to the hotel and stopped off at a mall w/ a playset, where Lori got faint... Ugh... I grabbed some food out of the food court and rushed back to the hotel so she could rest. After dinner we took the boys to their favorite place, the pool.