080627 - Arch top

080627 - We made It to the St. Luis Arch about 4pm. I took the big boys on a little trip up, up and up. We made it to the top of the arch and it was quite a view. The boys layed out on the ledges to look out the small windows and could not believe how high up they were, the people and cars looked like ants from 630ft up! We could also see the Mississippi that had flooded the lower part of the the park and was really high and flowing fast. It was really windy on the ground and I didn't mention the sway to the boys, didn't want them nervous, but you couldn't help but fell it up top, and it was a bit unsettling. So we headed back down to meet L&G.
back on the road to Effingham, IL. We checked in and then off to a family resturant they recomended for another screaming fast meal... Back to the room and watched some TV & got G & L to bed. D, J & I hit the pool about 9:45 and swam for an hour. We grabbed some cups of of cocoa & coffee, toasted the fun trip, and then watched the rest of Jurassic Park. Dylan fell asleep, and now J & I are watching a show about a giant snake that eats people (good thing L is asleep! :-D ).