080621 - Wet

080621 - Everyone up & had bfast. Then a hike to the pool. Jack found a lizard! The boys had a blast in the pool. Howdy can swim all the way across by himself. Jack motors all over the place w/ his float vest. Grant just junps in over and over, and when he gets a chance he runs away as fast as his stubby little legs will carry him.
We took the shuttle back to the room instead of walking up the mountian... We had some lunch and then hit the road to get the lay of the land. We hit the main strip, which has horrible traffic, but found a toy store. Luckily in the toy store I found a local who knew the REAL place to go to find toys here. We braved the traffic to the hidden place that was PERFECT! We found toys from our childhood and years beyond...
Back home for dinner and more swimming! We tried out the lazy river, that just so happened to go past a water slide... Well the big boys went nuts at the water slide and Grant found a baby pool and some friends. We ended the expedition at the indoor pool that was much warmer.
Back to the room for a snack and Dylan's first chess lesson. He picked it up pretty good. He even beat me! Everyone off to bed to get rested for another full day tomorrow!