080623 - Showtime

080623 - Everyone up a bit later today, must have had too much fun yesterday...
It was chilly this morning so instead of going swimming and freezing to death we headed out to the different sections of the resort to check them out. The first stop was the stables. Grant went NUTS! We signed all three boys up for the western package, they each got a set of pistols, holsters, a badge, belt and bag of gold. This was of course required to ride the pony up on the mountian trail... Grant went first and was tickled to death. The other boys follwed suite.
We then headed to the marina, where Jack found a wave runner he wanted to rent. Than on to the main registration building, WOW! This resort is owned an operated by Bass Pro Shops... so there were stuffed animals everywhere and for Dylan a cool gift shop.
We went back for lunch and then off to the pool. We had a great day at the pool and it was perfect temp in the afternoon.
Back to the room for quick naps and dinner. Then SHOWTIME! I had bought tickets to the Presley's show that started at 8pm and we were a bit worried that the boys would be about done for the day. NO WAY! The lights went off, the hand clapping started and wide awake all 3 of them stayed. It was a great variety show with all sorts of music, gospel, country, folk and rock. They had a couple of really funny clown guys too that told pretty funny jokes. There was an intermission where Grant went up and met the pretty girls, but didn't like the clowns so much. At the end of intermission they showed pictures of the crowd on the big screens and they started it focused on Lo and Grant. When Grant realized it was him on the screen he really stared waving and smiling. The second half of the show was great and as it ended Dylan asked if we could buy the DVD 'I want to watch it again, and show my friends at school' and Jack said he wanted to go back so he could get up on stage and perform. So the night we were a bit nervous about was a complete success!
On the way back to the resort all 3 fell asleep.
Perfect day.