080618 - Good bye Grandma

080618 - Up and on the road to Bucyrus w/ the whole family. We got there in good time. The service was nice. But the music was missing something. People were singing but you couldn't really hear them. I thought, if GmaH was here she would sing loud and everyone else would then too. She was no American Idol, but she loved to sing. I could hear her voice in my mind and wanted to sing loud for her. But I couldn't. Everytime I tried to bring up my volume I would choke up and almost loose it...
We headed out to Chatfield to lay Grandma to rest. Here we are. Grandma reuniting with Grandpa, side by side, as I remeber them. The church is surrounded by farm land that Grandma's family owned, and the house she grew up in right next to the church. Fitting that she is going home.
Good bye Grandma.