080625 - Animals

080625 - Up and out for some fishing; definately not the sport for 3 small boys... Then to the put-put golf corse where Dylan, trying to retrieve his ball from a pond, unexpectedly went swimming... But we had a good time. Back to the room for an early lunch and rest before our next great adventure.
Everyone up and out to the show. Today we went to see 'Noah'. Grant had several episodes of spastic screaming, jumping and pointing at the animals coming in: camels, goats, cows, horses, pigs, donkies, ponies, horses, llamas... This picture is of the stage with all the different cabins inside of Noah's ark. While the show was good it wasn't nearly as exciting as the last 2. So the review from the boys was 'boring'. Lo & I liked the message at the end, something like: God destroyed all mankind because they were out of control, He says He is going to do it again so talk to an usher on the way out... :-D
Next stop was a pizza buffet, arcade, go-kart place! We all ate too much, too fast and then started having fun. Dylan found a shoot'em up game, Grant some driving games & J&I hit the go-kart track. Jack loved it, next to the pool it was his favorite thing!
On the way home we was possibly the funniest moment of the trip (thus far). Dylan was having a 'discussion' with Jack telling him to 'shut-up'. This was immediately followed by our little raspy voiced parrot yelling 'shut-up' quite clearly. This immediately grabbed our attention causing complete momentary silence before he belted it out again, causing D&J to loose complete control. Lo turned around and told G, 'No-no'. His reply, as loud as he could... 'shut-up!'. Now the boys were in stitches and Grants expression forced L to spin around and cover her face so he could'nt see her laughing (that didn't work) and he belted it out again and again untill all our shoulders were shaking and eyes were watering. D&J, now so far out of control, needed a reminder from me to 'settle down', and parrot boy had a new phrase to entertain us with... Now yelling at his family to shut-up & settle down!!! Grant enjoyed very much his ability to entertain us and we all had a good laugh.
Back to the room and a rush to get to the pool. We all got one hour of swimming in before they shut down. Back for a snack and boys falling asleep sitting up in our laps.